31 Hunts Hosted by Bill Elkerton W6ZM

4/7/2018 Sweetwater River Bike Trail    
1/6/2018 Ricochet Valley    
11/4/2017 Not in Chula Vista    
9/16/2017 Terra Nova First early start at 4:30 p.m.    
7/1/2017 Easy hill hunt    
4/16/2016 F22A creates Chicanery in small valley    
3/19/2016 Easy South Park un-hidden Transmitter    
1/2/2016 Easy Pezy Hunt    
12/19/2015 Easy Mission Valley Skunk on Second Xmtr    
11/21/2015 Easy Mount Helix Hunt    
9/19/2015 Morena Bay Hunt    
1/31/2015 San Diego County Hunt via San Clemente    
1/3/2015 Driving Range Hunt not in Jamul    
11/1/2014 Peutz Valley Hunt    
9/6/2014 Bonita Valley drive by hunt    
4/26/2014 Frys' Operations Day    
3/1/2014 Down Pour at Morley Field    
1/18/2014 Terra Nova Park Spooky Hunt    
11/16/2013 Dead End Street in Chula Vista    
10/5/2013 Sun Valley Golf Course Repeater Hunt    
7/6/2013 Mission Valley Doppler Friendly Reflection Hunt    
3/16/2013 Cuyamaca College hunt    
8/18/2012 Rohr Park in Bonita Driving and Walking Hunt    
6/16/2012 Camouflage Antenna in the industrial Center    
3/19/2011 T-Hunt that ended at a new Italian Restaurant on 30th Street    
1/29/2011 Countywide Hunt in Chula Vista 6 Transmitters    
12/18/2010 Under the Power lines at Rolling Hills