JOTA 2019 Demonstration Day 10/19/2019

Posted by   N6SZO


Bill Hober KM6ORF


Joe Loughlin KE6PHB


Joe Corones N6SZO

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Time Finished

1 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB Joe Corones N6SZO about 100 Scouts 16:00

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type





1 .25 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical  Degrees
2 .25 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical  Degrees
3 .25 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical  Degrees
4 .25 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical  Degrees
5 .25 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical  Degrees


Can't post T locations due to website problems..... This years JOTA was again, well attended. Our cryptic records indicate that we cycled through approximately 100 Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and many of their siblings that were just along for the ride. We tried to go in groups of two but many times we had to have three due to keeping the larger group as a whole moving along to their next station. We tried to do a Group Demo. before they went out in smaller groups so they could listen to the alternating tones on the MK-4's and had idea of how to sweep the antenna around to determine the most probable direction of the Hidden T. Of course a few had to be instructed during every transmission cycle of the Hidden T. So, we could theoretically cycle though ten at a time with each group seeking one of the five hidden T's. Most were pretty attentive and thought trying to find a Hidden Transmitter was Pretty Cool. We had 5 hidden T's all on different frequencies placed through out the compound all with different colored flagging on the antennas They were to report what color flagging was on the antenna so we could verify the T- #. Time spend hunting ranged from about 5 minutes minimum to about 20 minutes Maximum. The good minimum times were generally with a group that had gone before and was allowed to go again because no one was cued up to go next so they had a Second Chance and always did well. We had licensed Amateur Radio Operators with each group which at one point left our station completely unattended! Joe, KE6PHB, Bill, KM6ORF and I arrived about 0800 to start setting things up. We set out five Micro-Foxes and began to program and mark the sniffers with the MK-4 boxes. Tim, N6CUX was all ready on site helping with the HF set up next door. Glenn, KI6RR, who has helped us out the last couple of years, was next to show up along with Bill, KK6WNT and Linda, KM6MKG, both new volunteers. Next to show up was two of our regular T-Hunt Group, Greg, KI6RXX and Dennis, KD6TUJ. Things moved along pretty well as we got Linda, KM6MKG and Bill, KM6WNT filled in on how our logging system worked and went through a Demo of the way the Aussie Sniffers worked. As usual the flow of Scouts was not consistent through out the day, we had periods of nothing followed by groups of up to 15. We thought things were going to slow down so Bill, KM6ORF, Glen, AI6RR, Linda,KM6MKG and Bill, KM6WNT left to attend to other duties. We finished out the day with 2 more surges of Scouts which kept all of us busy. We even had to go next door to the HF station and borrow Danny, KD6OKR for one surge of Scouts. By about 3:30 things had slowed down and we decided to pack things up. By 4:30 we had picked up all the T's and packed up all the other equipment and were on the road to Grossmont College for our regular Saturday Night T-Hunt for which seven teams were present. Thanks to all that assisted with this year's T-hunt demonstrations: Bill, KM6ORF, Greg, KI6RXX, Dennis, KD6TUJ, Tim, N6CUX, Glenn, AI6RR, Linda, KM6MKG, Bill, KK6WNT and Danny, KD6OKR. Joe, KE6PHB and Joe, N6SZ
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