Hidden Twist Saturday Evening T Hunt 7/2/2016

Posted by   W6ZM


Joe Loughlin KE6PHB


Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ

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Time Finished

1 Joe Corones N6SZO Greg Spaulding W6BAF 19:38
2 Bruce Denny K6AUW Tom Franks N2TEN 19:39
3 Tom Sneden K6VCR No Navigator 19:59
4 Nestor Punales K6JTT No Navigator

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type





1 1 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
2 1 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
3 1 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
4 .001 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees


"Tony and I wanted to make this a small mileage hunt with low power transmitters located very close to drive able access by hunt vehicle. To add a bit of a """"twist"""" to the hunt"", instead of clearly identifying each transmitter uniquely, all four transmitters played exactly the same audio for 15 seconds, thus providing the hunters with a constant but cycling signal to hunt. Since the hunters were not told how many transmitters, their job was to identify each transmitter by bearing only and from that determine when to update bearing estimated during the hunt with the corresponding transmitter., We gave special detailed instructions about the design of the hunt to the new hunter, Nestor K6JTT, to assist him during this challenging hunt., , As an added attraction for the hiders, N6SZO activated his cell phone APRS beacon which we monitored during the hunt to keep tabs on his progress. It work very well and I hope we can get all of our hunting teams to participate with APRS beaconing during upcoming hunts to provide great entertainment to the hiders waiting for teams to arrive., , One of the transmitters was placed at the north end of the Grossmont College campus and attenuated to the 1 milliwatt level to maintain at the parking lot starting point a balance with the signal strengths of the other three transmitters . Because of it short transmit range and an unplanned road closure on campus, the hunters saved that transmitter for discovering last (at about the 2 hour hunt limit time)., , The hunters reported enjoying the hunt and the food at Oggie's restaurant in Santee and we all congratulate Joe and Gregg for finding all transmitters and beating the second place team's overall hunt time by a mere 0.001 seconds (documented on the sign in sheet at T-4)"
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