3017 Millar Ranch Rd. Incident Free for All T Hunt 6/11/2016

Posted by   W6ZM


Joe Corones N6SZO

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1 .1 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees


Unexpected Hunt Results:THE 3017 MILLAR RANCH RD. +óGé¼+ôINCIDENT" 6/11/16It was a dark and stormy night somewhere+óGé¼-ª. But not in San Diego about 2:30 Friday afternoon June 10th. 2016 as Joe, KE6PHB and I, N6SZO were returning from a bike ride on the Silver Strand. We were on the T-Hunt frequency heading east on I-8. KE6PHB turned off on College Avenue to head home. I was heading out to El Cajon to a BBQ. As I dropped down into the El Cajon Valley I heard some noise bleeding over onto the hunt frequency. Adjusted the radio and found the strongest/clearest signal on 146.575. I monitored it until I arrived at my destination and could hear voices, sounded like a stuck microphone. I called Dick, WB6ZAM as I know he lives in El Cajon and left a message as to what I had heard. I was enjoying a very cold +óGé¼+ôAdult Beverage" at the BBQ when dick called and said he could hear it too. He would go looking around and call me later. About 6:30 Dick called and said it appeared that the strongest signal was in the Rancho San Diego area just using his HT. He said he was taking Mary Lou to the airport in the morning and would check again then. When I got home I called Greg, W6BAF who lives east of Mt. Helix and asked him if he could hear the signal. He could and was going to check it out with his sniffer to try to get a bearing. By the time Greg got his sniffer out the signal had disappeared. I told Greg I would touch bases with him in the morning and see if the signal had reappeared. Saturday morning, I called Greg and he reported that the signal was still on the air. Dick had sent out an email with a satellite image of his trip back from the airport with areas of high signal strength. I decided to get my vehicle set up and head to Rancho San Diego. I put out a notice on the Reflector to see if anyone else was interested in tracking down the signal. Bruce, K6AUW called me and I filled him in on what I knew. Joe, KE6PHB also called and was interested. We planned on meeting at the shopping center at 94/Campo Rd and Jamacha Rd. I arrived and Dick and Joe were waiting, no communication with Bruce yet+óGé¼-ªwondered if he had bailed? We had a signal with 30 Db. attenuation and took a bearing which pointed to a water tower out towards Jamul. Where in the Heck is Bruce? We need to get on the road. Waited a few minutes discussing possibilities and at 12:42 Bruce called. Told him where we were and asked him where he was? His reply was+óGé¼-ª.. +óGé¼+ôCan you hear the doorbell on the frequency we were monitoring"? Yes we could+óGé¼-ª he was at 3017 Millar Rd and was ringing the doorbell but no one was responding. Dick, Joe and I headed up there to check out the situation. By the time we had arrived Bruce had contacted a neighbor and he had called the homeowners and they answered the door. Kind of wonder why they did not answer the door when Bruce first got there?Homeowner is Robert A. Christiansen( Bob) K6TIF & wife Laura. They were kind of overwhelmed by the 4 vehicles that were in their driveway. Kind of embarrassed that they had caused a massive effort on our part. The way the story unfolded was that this guy is a retired electronics engineer who teaches at Cuyamaca College. He built a device to tie into his security system that had a microphone attached. The exact purpose being +óGé¼+ôUnclear" but he stated that from his friend's house on Mt Helix he could turn his security lights on remotely+óGé¼-ª.. I think when Bruce first arrived he tried to turn the signal off with an HT but it was still on so Bruce went inside and helped him take the device off the wall and disable it. Problem Solved+óGé¼-ª. for now! I talked to Jerry, W6VLF on the way home and he was kind of suspicious of the set up this guy had+óGé¼-ª.who knows what he will try next. Bob stated that he thought the output power was about 100 Mw and Bruce said the device had a short 4-6 inch antenna. Having such a nice view to the north the signal carried very nicely. We chatted with the homeowners and the neighbor that Bruce contacted and then headed back to Rancho San Diego for lunch.Notes: It took Bruce 25 minutes from the time he left his house to locate the +óGé¼+ôT". He only had one turn around somewhere down around the Filippi's on 94 which is exactly were Dick lost the signal the evening before. The rest of us were in the Burger King parking lot waiting for Bruce planning on heading out a group. We figured that if the signal had been on since yesterday it would be on for awhile. Bruce, on the other hand, figured it could go off at any time so just started tracking it down and did a really really good job all by himself! Bruce wins again!Another Victory for the San Diego T-hunt Group+óGé¼-ªAnd+óGé¼-ªNO RULES WERE BROKEN+óGé¼-ª.
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