A Learning Experience Saturday Evening T Hunt 10/17/2015

Posted by   W6ZM


Greg Spaulding W6BAF


Joe Corones N6SZO

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Time Finished

1 Bruce Denny K6AUW Tom Franks N2TEN 18:30
2 Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR Bill Elkerton W6ZM 18:30
3 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ 18:55
4 Mark Ording K6MHO Dick Foran K6ES 18:58

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type





1 5 Watts 4 Element Yagi Horizontal  Degrees


The October 17 2015 started at the usual time, 6:04PM, after some adjustments to the antenna and power levels to help those hunters that were hard of hearing. Four teams were in the hunt at the start. This was a relatively straight forward hunt with the main transmitter consisting of a 5 watt, PicCon controlled transmitter feeding a 3 element Yagi and three .25 watt voice T's. The main T and two of the micro T's were hidden in the parking structure for National University located at the corner of Granite Ridge Dr. and West Canyon Ave and the third micro T was located in a dead bush located across the street. Things were going well until about ten minutes into the hunt when the main T went down due to technical difficulties. After some fumbling with the connectors from the controller, the hunt was back on and the hunters were happy (I think) again. The first team to arrive was team ZM/VCR at 6:30PM with team AUW/VOC hot on their tail. Both teams promptly located the main T and set out on foot to locate the voice T's. Team PHB/ZMZ arrived about 25 minutes later at 6:55PM and team ZAM/MOH rounded the corner at 6:58PM. Sniffer times were: 1) Team AUW/VOC; 6:30-6:50, 2) Team ZM/VCR; 6:30-7:00, 3) Team PHB/ZMZ; 6:55-7:25, 4) Team ZAM/MOH; 6:58-7:26. All teams finished and met for dinner at Giovanni's restaurant on Claremont Mesa Blvd. W6BAF
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