Ham Fest Hunt Saturday Evening T Hunt 10/7/2017

Posted by   W6BAF


Karen Spaulding KI6FON






Time Finished
1 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ
2 Mike Rienzo KI6ACI   Tom Sneden K6VCR
3 Joe Corones N6SZO   Tim Everingham N6CUX
4 Bill Elkerton W6ZM   Jerry Petrizze W6VLF
5 Mark Ording K6MHO   Dick Foran WB6ZAM

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 5w Watts 3 Element Yagi Horizontal 180 Degrees
2 0.3 Watts Rubber Duck Horizontal 0 Degrees


7-Oct, 2017 after the Hamfest HuntHosted by W6BAF and KI6FONBecause the Lakeside Hamfest was earlier in the day, I wanted to make this a relatively easy standard Saturday night hunt. Two transmitters were hidden at the dog park on the south side of Rue Chantemar adjacent to the Marine Corps base (Camp Kearny) in Scripps Ranch. The main transmitter (T-1) was a mobile PicCon controlled unit putting out 5 watts into a 3 element beam. A squawk box was hidden in a unique hiding spot under a traffic cone next to a nearby construction site. The transmission started out with the beam initially pointed west however, a couple of teams had a hard time hearing the signal so the beam was eventually rotated to the south. The hunt officially started at 6:06 PM with 5 teams in the hunt. The first team to arrive in the area was N6SZO/N6CUX at 6:33. CUX located T-1 at 6:38 and they began sniffing out T-2, however T-2 (the squawk box) had drifted and was covered up by T-1 by then and they were hopelessly looking in the wrong locations. In the meantime teams K6VCR/KI6ACI and KE6PHB/WA6ZMZ arrived at 6:41 and were going after T-1. VCR found the T-1 at 6:43 and PHB/ZMZ located it at 6:45. In the meantime team W6ZM/W6VLF had shown up at 6:44. ZM managed to locate T-1 at 6:47. By then the transmissions were beginning to separate and all of those that had arrived were beginning to zero in on T-2. Joe KE6PHB was the hunter to bravely lift the traffic cone exposing T-2 at 6:48 with teams VCR, SZO and ZM all seconds behind. A call went out to team W6ZAM/K6MHO to see where they were located. It appears that they were within a couple of blocks of our location but were having technical difficulties. T-1 remained on and they were able to work through their problems and locate T-1 at 7:32. Afterward everyone met at Giovannis for pizza and drinks and to swap stories.The official results of the Hamfest Hunt are now in:KE6PHB/WA6ZMZK6VCR/KI6ACIN6SZO/N6CUXW6ZM/W6VLFW6ZAM/K6MHOCongratulations to Team KE6PHB/WA6ZMZ. We'll be looking forward to the next hunt.W6BAF and KI6FON
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