2-Mobile "T's" CountyWide T Hunt 9/30/2017

Posted by   N6SZO


Joe Corones N6SZO

Greg Spaulding W6BAF

Garry Cannon KF6DOZ

Ron Johnson KK6I

Transmitter Data


"Greg, W6BAF and I met Ron, KK6I and Garry, NA6NA (our two mystery T-2 drivers) at Troy's in Clairemont Square for breakfast about 9:30 Saturday morning., ""Over breakfast we discussed """"The Plan"""""", ie; how to avoid being tagged by the hunters. We had no idea of how many or where they would start the hunt from. In the parking lot we started to set up the radios and antennas. As per advertised we had T-1 and T-2 taped on the rear window and rear drivers side window. T-1 was a Yaesu 1500 running 50 watts and T-2 was Robert's,"" N9SCD T box running 5 watts both with mag. mount antennas. I had an APRS unit set up to run N6SZO-12 to track our path. When I turned it on to check it Greg noted that it showed up on his """"General APRS"",""Map which meant that anyone inputting """"Show All"""" would see us...Crap... better not do that or they will be able to track us if they looked. Greg also noted that 3 of the hunters were beaconing on the APRS site...from the Spice House"", we did not think they would be foolish enough to beacon their position but there they were! We finished setting things up and turned on the T's. We had decided that T-2 would head north and Greg and I would head south. The hunter's APRS units were still transmitting so we were still monitoring them., The Hunt Starts:, Interestingly enough 3 hunt teams were headed right down Clairemont Mesa Blvd. We surmised that they must have seen N6SZO-12 pop up and were headed our way. We called T-2 and informed them that they were being approached and to take evasive action. A few minutes later Tom, K6VCR called and asked us if we were still transmitting, we were not, had to stop and reset the Pic Con,"" apparently a box had hit the button on the Pic Con and turned it off. We were then headed south on I-5 and decided to go to Coronado. While crossing the bridge we noted the burning ship in San Diego Bay so decided to go over to the park where W6ZM hid on a Saturday night hunt (which is still """"Out of Bounds"""" ) and watch the ship burn. We stayed there about 20 minutes and then went over to the ocean side to hit the rest room. Since we could see on APRS that everyone was chasing T-2 we decided to go draw attention away from them by heading up I-15 as fast as we could in the carpool lanes. While on the way up I decided to scan the 440 frequencies to see if we could hear them... WOW.. they were actually using Alex's "", WB6DTR, repeater. There was mention of it on the T-Hunt Reflector but we did not think they would let it be known and since it was known would not use it and probably use another way or frequency to communicate? But... no one said anything about not attempting to hack into their comm. frequency.... so as there are no rules against listening....we did. This gave us quite an advantage seeing them on APRS and being able to listen to them at the same time. We figured out that Robert, N9SCD and Tim, N6CUX were on Mt. Soledad taking bearings and forwarding them to Tom, N2TEN and Daniel,"" KM6BXP. We did not know where Tom and Daniel were as they were not beaconing. As we were heading north on I-15 we were wondering when they would hear our T-1 signal. It wasn't long after we passed Mercy Rd. when someone reported """"T-1 is in the area"""". We could see that VCR and AUW were close to Ted Williams Parkway and I-15 so we tried to get through as fast as we could. Next we heard Tony"", WA6ZMZ and Joe, KE6PHB report our position as NB on I-15. We decide to head north to the carpool off ramp at North County Fair and take our break at the MacDonald's. We spent about 20 minutes there and when we got back into T-1 we heard that Bruce, K6AUW had found T-2. Ron, KK6I and Garry, NA6NA had alluded them as long as they could and were tagged on Stony Creek Rd. just off Carmel Mt. Rd. by the Catholic Church at about 12:45, just an hour and 45 minutes into the hunt. So now the effort would be concentrated on us so we had to get moving. We headed south in the carpool lanes we got off at Rancho Bernardo center. We were going to head east through Rancho Bernardo and into Poway but one of the hunters was close to I-15 and Camino Del Norte so we headed west on Rancho Bernardo Rd., down to Carmel Valley Rd. and out towards Carmel Valley. Bill and Robin and Bruce and Nathan were down along HWY-56 and Tom, K6VCR was not to far behind us as we headed west. Robert and Tim were advised by the Command Center to head down from Mt. Soledad and head north so our access to the south was cut off. We took Del Mar Heights road over to El Camino Real and then up to San Dieguito Rd and back towards Black Mt. That seemed to disrupt the search so we decided to take another break at Black Mt. Park by the intersection of Carmel Valley Rd. and Black Mt. Rd. We had intended to go south on Black Mt. to 56 and then head back to Montgomery Field to terminate the hunt before 4:00 PM. But nothing goes as planned,"" as we were leaving Greg saw Joe & Tony on APRS at the intersection of Carmel Valley Rd. and Black Mt. Rd. so we had to head back north around Black Mt. and to Camino Del Norte into Poway. We proceeded down Twin Peaks to Community and then to Scripps Poway Parkway. We were trying to beat Robert and Tim as we heard from the """"Command Center"""" that they were headed out Scripps Poway Parkway to intercept us. With Joe and Tony not far behind and Robert and Tim and by that time Tom and Bruce and Nathan"", KK6ETN all in the Poway area we had no choice but to go south on HWY 67. We took a badly needed pit stop/break at the Sycamore Canyon Preserve because we missed the restroom at the park by Black Mt. because Joe and Tony were closing in. We cut this break to the second and just as we were pulling out onto HWY 67 Joe and Tony were making the turn from Scripps Poway Parkway onto s/b 67. Now they were really closing in fast with Bruce and Tom right behind Joe and Tony. We headed west on Lakeside Ave. instead of staying on 67 and worked our way over towards Magnolia planning on hitting 52 or 125. Down by 52 & Magnolia we heard that we had been spotted by Alex,"" WB6DTR (maybe he should have been declared the winner?) and then the group knew we were in a """"Silver SUV. By that time Bruce and Nathan had come down 67 and west on 52 and were probably just a few blocks from us so we went up to Prospect and then west. Just as we were going under 125 Bruce was going over us . APRS was very helpful at this point. We also know Joe and Tony"", Tom, Robert and Tim are close by. We have to go get on Mission Gorge Rd. as Bruce was to the south of us. Joe and Tony say they saw us on Mission Gorge but could just not get over there very fast. We headed up Mission Gorge Rd. to Golfcrest and turned south. Apparently Joe and Tony just missed us by a few seconds and went straight. Tom, K6VCR made the correct turn and was gradually catching up with us. We wound around down by Lake Murray and started up the Del Cerro Hill when Tom finally caught up with us. Busted at 3:13 PM. 4 hours and 13 minutes to find 2 mobile T's, an amazing performance!, This was a GREAT JOB by the hunters considering we knew where they were most of the time and could monitor their comm. frequency! , ""Someone commented this was not like hunting a normal Jammer and they are correct. This was MUCH MUCH HARDER because of our knowledge of their comm. frequency and the APRS data. So now that this has been done once as a test run it can be implemented again should a real life situation occur. I won't go into the details of the hunters """"Classified Plan"""" for obvious reasons but they pulled together and worked as a team to accomplish the goals set by the hiders in a very efficient manner. Again... A GREAT JOB!"", T-1 traveled 118 miles in 4 hours and 13 minutes. Both teams in T-1 & T-2 had a great time on this exercise and should we attempt this again we must set down better guidelines for the hiders! We adjourned to Emiliano's for dinner and to determine who would hide the next County-Wide T-hunt on Dec. 30th. After several attempts by an unknown Non-Government Russian Dark Web hacker to influence the drawing it was legally determined that Bill, W6ZM and Robin, KC6LEA were the winners, Congratulations! , , And that's the truth...Joe N6SZO & Greg W6BAF"
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