Deception by cell tower Saturday Evening T Hunt 9/2/2017

Posted by   W6VLF


Jerry Petrizze W6VLF

Mike Rienzo KI6ACI






Time Finished
1 Bruce Denny K6AUW   Tom Franks N2TEN Kid 1 18:36
2 Robin Elkerton KM6OUL   Bill Elkerton W6ZM 18:37
3 Joe Corones N6SZO   Greg Spaulding W6BAF 19:30
4 Robert Dexter N9SCD   Tim Everingham N6CUX 19:48

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 5 Watts 11 Element Yagi Horizontal 30 Degrees


"Here are the results of last Saturday nights T hunt., The hunt pretty much went as planned, the whole idea that Mike and I came up with was to try and get all the hiders over into the lakeside area before they discovered the predominant signal was coming from El Cajon. We set up an 11 element yagi in behind a cell site just east of Los Coches Rd. near a park and ride., Because of the radio we were using had a low power setting of 5 watts we added a bunch of attenuators to attempt an input power to the antenna of around one watt or less. This was to avoid excessive splatter and to concentrate enough signal to bounce off the hills above San Vicente Dam. There was an initial problem at the start of hearing the signal so we had to remove two of the three attenuators. Once the signal was heard the official start time of the hunt was 6:15. , At 6:36 AUW and VOC with SZO and BAF right behind them appeared on scene but drive right past it. Approximately one minuet late AUW and VOC came back and stopped right under the site and VOC ran up the hill and found it at 6:37. About two minutes later SZO and BAF came back up the road and again drove right by the transmitter and then proceeded up the hill behind us looking around in a housing area for quite some time at which point we lost track of Them. At 7:12 ZM and Robin drove into the park and ride and took one last heading with his antenna and since he forgot his sniffer started walking in the direction of the transmitter and found it about one minuet later. , Around 7:30 SZO and BAF re-appeared got out their sniffers and found the transmitter. At 7:48 N9SCD and N6CUX drove in and sniffed it out. Their efforts are commendable in my book for the fact that all they were hunting with was a Doppler system, No yagi, no signal strength indication what so ever. Great job Robert and Tim. So by my figures BILL, ZM was the official winner. I believe fun was had by all and after some discussion at the hidden transmitter site we decided to go to Marietta's Mexican Restaurant in La mesa."
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