Mini-me in the Park CountyWide T Hunt 7/29/2017

Posted by   KE6PHB


Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ

Jerry Petrizze W6VLF

Joe Loughlin KE6PHB






Time Finished
1 Bruce Denny K6AUW   Tom Franks N2TEN
2 Joe Corones N6SZO   Greg Spaulding W6BAF
2 Dick Foran WB6ZAM   Mark Ording K6MHO
3 Bill Elkerton W6ZM   Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 1 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
2 1 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
3 1 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
4 5 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
6 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
7 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
8 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
9 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
10 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
11 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
12 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
5 0.025 Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees


"We placed four voice identifying transmitters at differing initial bearings from the start intended to divide the hunters and avoid hunter caravanning and piggy-back signing ins. Three one watt transmitters were placed within six miles of the start with the remaining transmitter at 8.5 miles in Coronado at 40 watts. At each of these transmitters, additional micro transmitters were hidden. The transmission timing of the micros were either the 60/15 second cycle pattern or the 5/1 minute cycle (on-foot hunt style timing)., The main transmitters were programmed to start at 10:00 AM with a round robin non-overlapping schedule. Micros were also coordinated to not overlap with each nearby voice transmitter., After transmitter setup, Jerry, Tony, and I joined the hunters at the Spice House for breakfast. Later, we noticed that all but T4 transmitter could be heard at the start. As the hunters began hunting, Tony and I headed to the T4 to take steps to rectify the problem. Upon arrival, it became obvious that Glorietta Bay Park was heavily populated with weekend athletes and families (no parking anywhere) so we decided to dismantle that site and decided on-the-fly to relocate this set of transmitters at the T3 site. We waited until all the hunters had checked into all of the transmitters at the T3 site and had left the parking lot. T3 was left on the air and the original micro transmitters were removed and replaced in different places with the set from the original T4 location. The voice T3 was left on the air since it did not interfere with T4 and would not raise suspicion with the hunters of our substitution efforts. Eventually, all the teams arrived back at that location and proceeded to find the newly placed Ts. A few hunter mistakenly assumed that the transmitters they heard at the site were already found and initially decided that they had found all transmitters., Most of the hunter teams gathered after the hunt was concluded at Giovanni's for pizza a beer. The unique part of this hunt was reusing a transmitter site for a different set of transmitter during the course of the hunt. In our defense, that was not our original plan for this hunt. The assumption by some hunters that the new transmitters location was somewhere nearby and not at the previously found site caused the desired confusion we were looking for. , , Results:, While some teams visited all of the main transmitter locations, some of the micros were overlooked which lead to a small difference in the total number of transmitters found by each team during the hunt., It appeared from the sign in sheets that Tom VCR and Jippy hunted, however no one saw evidence to that effect and I suspect Bruce was falsifying the sign in sheets in an attempt to avoid winning this hunt. Too bad, Bruce/Tom you guys are the official winner anyway., , AUW/TEN 11, SZO/BAF 9, ZAM/MHO 9, VCR 9 (doppelganger), ZM 8 (+2 doppelganger), JIPPY 5 (doppelganger), , Tony and I wish to thank Jerry, VLF for the time and energy that he contributed to this hunt. His help made our work much easier"
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