Lindo Lake On Foot T Hunt 5/6/2017

Posted by   N6SZO


Joe Loughlin KE6PHB

Joe Corones N6SZO

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 0.25 Watts Thin Wire Vertical 0 Degrees
2 0.25 Watts Thin Wire Vertical 0 Degrees
3 0.25 Watts Thin Wire Vertical 0 Degrees
4 0.25 Watts Thin Wire Vertical 0 Degrees
5 0.25 Watts Thin Wire Vertical 0 Degrees


"It was a cold and miserable day at Lindo Lake park in Lakeside California where the San Diego T-hunt Group held it's annual International Style On-Foot T-hunt this year. Tony, WA6ZAM, Joe, KE6PHB & Joe,"" N6SZO converged on the park at 7:30 AM to occupy a few tables in one of the picnic areas The threat of rain was looming in all the weather reports so we did not unload any of the items we needed for the BBQ. Tony was left guarding the ice chests and Joe & Joe set off to plant the 5 hidden T's for the International Style hunt. This was the first time we were using the """" Marvin Johnston Type """"T's"""" so were anxious to see how they performed. Returning about 9:20 we began organizing our paperwork and setting up a practice """"T"""" on 144.100. It was misting/drizzling during this time period but we were under some trees so it was not to bad. People started showing up and several started before 10:30. The Drizzle became heavier and many just hovered around until about 11:30 and we started a few more. The last start was at 12:50 and weather was pretty decent so we decided to BBQ earlier than the 3:00 PM time stated in our flyer. As we were wrapping up the BBQ about 3:30 it was starting to get pretty wet again so we kind of threw things in the vehicles "", picked up the T's and headed home., Synopsis: We had a total of 21 people on site, 19 Hams and 3 non Hams. Only one new person was present this year that had not done any T-Hunting before, Fredric, KK6NOW. He was interested in finding rockets that his club launches in the desert. We loaned him one of Marvin's Tape Measure beams with a 4 MHZ offset attenuator and guided him through finding the practice T then set him loose. He managed to find two of the T's before running out of time and had to leave. We think he had a good time?, Results:, Single Hunters: Bill Wright, WB6CMD, 39 minutes (5 T's), Marvin Johnston, KE6HTS, 59 minutes (5 T's), Greg, W6BAF 115 minutes (5 T's), Robert, N9SCD 52 minutes (3 T's), Fredric, KK6NOW, 61 minutes (2 T's)., 2-Team Hunters: Dick, WB6ZAM & Mark, K6MHO, 64 minutes (5 T's), Matt,N6EAJ & Ed, KI6JMK, 75 minutes (5 T's)., 5-Team Hunters: Bill, W6ZM, Robin, KC6LEA, Bryan, KI6DUR $ Niki, Brian, KG6SMT, 44 minutes (5 T's)., Other Hams present that may or may not have hunted a little/some include: Tom-K6VCR, Karen-KI6FON, Tony-WA6ZMZ, Brian-WB2JCG, Joe-KE6PHB & Joe-N6SZO. , Also present were Jim and Kaila helping with the BBQ., See everyone next year!, Joe N6SZO & Joe KE6PHB"
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