Not So EZ Saturday Night Hunt Saturday Evening T Hunt 7/16/2016

Posted by   W6BAF


Greg Spaulding W6BAF

Karen Spaulding KI6FON






Time Finished
1 Bruce Denny K6AUW   Nathan Denny KK6ETN Tim N6CUX 06:31
2 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ 06:26
3 Tom Sneden K6VCR   No Navigator Roslyn KM6DDH 07:17
4 Nestor Puñales K6JTT K6JTT   Steve Tripp AI6CX 07:18

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 5W Watts 11 Element Yagi Horizontal 100 Degrees


"The Official Results of the July 16, 2016 T-Hunt, , I know you""„¢ve all been waiting with bated breath for the results of the July 16, 2016 t-hunt. , , Well it all started like this., , Joe N6SZO was out of town so I wanted to keep it simple and legal. I had been eyeing this site for a hide for some time now and decided to use it. So with the help of my wife Karen KI6FON we loaded up the gear and headed for the hiding spot, an industrial park off of Claremont Mesa Blvd just East of I15. The setup for the main T consisted of 5 watts driving an eleven element beam. A couple of voice T""„¢s were thrown in for fun. The initial bearing of the main T was to the South, but a call to Joe KE6PHB to test the signal resulted in a very weak signal with little to no audio. After an adjustment of the beam to the east southeast the signal was acceptable but still had low audio. Oh Well! So at 6:01 PM the hunt officially started with four teams., , The first to show were Joe KE6PHB and Tony WA6ZMZ at 6:26 PM, T1-6:37, T2-6:49.30, T3-6:43, , Second to show was Bruce K6AUW, Nathan KK6ETN and Tim N6CUX at 6:31 PM, T1-6:45, T2-6:49, , T3-6:42, , Third to show was Tom K6VCR and Roslyn KM6DDH at 7:17 PM, T1-7:21, T2-7:29, T3-7:37, , Fourth to show was Nester K6JTT and Steve AI6CX at 7:18 PM, T1-7:20, T2-7:29, T3-7:50, , The official winners were (I can win any time I want) K6AUW, KK6ETN and N6CUX, who found all three transmitters mere seconds before KE6PHB and WA6ZMZ who took second. Third was K6VCR and KM6DDH followed by K6JTT and AI6CK., , At the end of the hunt we headed to Giovanni""„¢s for some nourishment. And that""„¢s the truth., , Greg W6BAF & Karen KI6FON,280, 20965,8/6/2016 0:00,116,8/25/2016 0:00,A Simple Hunt,10130,It was a simple hunt. Robert and Tim did the hiding. There were two transmitters. The main was an HT on low power (1 W) using a PicCon and a J pole antenna. It was hanging from a tree at the south end of La Cuenta Drive in Tierrasanta. The second was a 50 mW SquawkBox with a rubber duck. It was under a park bench at Roadrunner Neighborhood Park, also on La Cuenta Drive. The hunt started at 6:00. There were 5 teams., , Team Time at T1 Time at T2, Tom 6:31 6:29, Dick/Mark 6:39 6:31, Joe/Tony/Cameron 6:45 6:37, Joe/Greg 6:45 6:38, Nestor/Steve DNF 7:30, , The intent was for hunters to find T1 first, then go on to T2. However, since you had to pass right by the park, everybody stopped to find T2 first. , We gathered at Giovanni""„¢s after the hunt. The days are getting shorter. Soon we will be hunting in the dark again."
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