Are You the T? Hunt (mobile) Saturday Evening T Hunt 6/4/2016

Posted by   N6SZO


Joe Corones N6SZO

Greg Spaulding W6BAF

Robert Dexter N9SCD






Time Finished
1 Tom Sneden K6VCR   Nestor Puñales K6JTT K6JTT 18:56
1 Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR   Bill Elkerton W6ZM 18:56
1 Tom Franks N2TEN   Daniel Franks KM6BXP Lee KG6TCD 18:56
1 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ Steve AI6CX 18:56

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 5.0 W Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees


"It had been 10 years since Greg, (then KD6YQR) now W6BAF and I put on the last mobile t-hunt. We had talked Ron, KK6I and Garry,"" (then KF6DOZ) now NA6NA into being the the """"Jammer"""" but they were unavailable for this go around so Greg"", Robert, N9SCD and I decided to do it ourselves., ""Hunters were instructed to call on 146.520 and identify the vehicle they thought was the """"Jammer"""". They would either get a confirmation from us or hear nothing meaning that some poor innocent citizen was wondering why a """"Funny Looking Vehicle"""" was following them around. They were also instructed to designate a """"COMM FREQUENCY"""" to monitor and report bearings and locations."", Greg,"" Robert and I were advantageously situated by the water tower right across the street from the college so we could see the group as they started. No major questions or concerns were voiced by the """"Hunters"""" which was unbelievable"", just clarification of the boundaries. The Hunt started on time at 6:00 PM and we were off on a fairly straightforward path through the designated boundary of the hunt area. See photos for our track. We only stopped once for about 5 minutes off Pepper Dr. to let them get a stationary fix on our position. That may have been our fatal flaw as less that 5 minutes after we resumed travel we see Bill, W6ZM and his son Bryan,"" KI6DUR in our rear view mirror. They were two vehicles behind us and we were at a stop light that was red. As we had no control over the """"T' which was in the trunk we thought about making a left turn and bill would continue straight as that would be the last bearing he had and we would be gone. Couldn't do it"","" had to go straight so we turned into the strip mall and went behind a building to hopefully bounce the signal around a little. We pulled around the other side of the building to get back onto Graves Ave. and Bill and Bryan were pulling into the driveway we were going out... Thought we had been """"Caught"""".... but much to our surprise they were both looking at the radio and we went right past them and made a right turn... Close Call. We got over to Greenfield and pulled over to see if Bill was following us. A few minutes later we see Tom"", KJ6VOC and David, KM6BXP sitting right across the street from us swinging their quad around... Caught ? No... they made a left turn in front of us and headed towards the west. We turned down the street they pulled out from and went back to Magnolia and then down to the Parkway Plaza shopping center.. we wanted to get in the parking garage where they could not go and see what we could see. We went up to the second floor and parked. Saw Tom, K6VCR heading our way and he went around the east side of the parking garage. We decided to go back out and head north again. As were exiting the garage Tom, K6VCR was on our left and we had to pull out right in front of him..We had been Caught! 6:56 PM. We made contact and then headed around the south side of the garage and came up to a stop sign and Bill and Bryan were sitting around the stop sign... Caught Again...6:58 PM. As we pulled into the parking lot to confirm Bill's catch Tom, K6VOC pulls up... 6:59 PM Caught again. As we were getting out of the car Joe, KE6PHB and Tony, WA6ZMZ pulled up,"" Caught again... exactly 7:00 PM. So all 4 teams managed to locate the """"Jammer"""" within an hour. Good Work Everyone! We also had three Ride-a-Longs in three different vehicles. Nestor"", K6JTT was with Tom, K6VCR, Lee, KG6TCD was with Tom, KJ6VOC and Daniel, KM6BXP, and Steve, AI6CX was with Joe, KE6PHB and Tony, WA6ZMZ. It must have been exciting hunt for the Ride-a-longs let alone the regular Hunters. We adjourned to On The Border on the north side of Parkway Plaza for refreshments, dinner and discussion of the hunt.., We think everyone had a good time..... and, are looking forward to comments from the Hunters. Photos soon...., Joe N6SZO, Greg W6BAF, Robert, N9SCD, Results also posted on T-hunt Reflector"
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