2016 Lake Murray On-Foot Hunt On Foot T Hunt 5/21/2016

Posted by   N6SZO


Joe Corones N6SZO

Joe Loughlin KE6PHB

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1 1 Watt Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
2 1 watt Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
3 1 watt Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
4 1 watt Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees
5 1 watt Watts Whip Vertical 0 Degrees


"2016 ON FOOT T-HUNT SUMMARY: The fifth annual San Diego T-hunt Group's On Foot T-Hunt was held at Lake Murray on May 21st. 2016 and in conjunction with the 2016 World Wide Foxhunting Weekend and brought out a total of 46 people, 36 ""Hams"" & 11 other folks related somehow to participants in the event. This was quite a jump from our normal 20 or 30 that we have had in the past! Joe N6SZO & Joe KE6PHB were on site about 7:15 AM to start unloading supplies for the BBQ and other equipment. Tony WA6ZMZ arrived about 7:45 to provide security for everything while The ""Joe's"" put out the 5 hidden ""T"" that had been programmed to start at 10:00 AM sharp. Thanks to Tony WA6ZMZ for his presence and assistance or we would have not been able to stake out a nice picnic table under a gazebo close to the tot-lot in the park. It turned out that during the day there would be at least 300 people or more occupying areas of the park close to where were set up. I actually missed two phone calls due to the noise of all the kids screaming & yelling on both sides of us. As usual we had advertised that we would have ""Limited"" equipment to loan out and that went really fast as we had 10 -12 people that had never attempted ADRF before. We tried to pair up people and get them on the right track. Our Practice T on 144.100 was on all day and many people located that with assistance. But, explaining the techniques while looking for the practice T resulted in some discrepancies in our paperwork as we were not at the starting table all the time and able to smoothly transition everyone out on the course. So this summary has been pieced together and somewhat simplified, we hope we have not omitted anyone in the process. Single Hunters:, Bill Wright WB6CMD 1:50 5 Ts, Greg Spaulding W6BAF 2hr 15 min 5 Ts, Tom Sneden K6VCR 2hr 57 min 5 Ts, Alan Fedder N6DII (first time hunting) 4hr 50 min 5 Ts, , Two Person Teams:, Bill Elkerton W6ZM & Robin Elkerton KC6LEA 1hr 57 min 5s, Dick Foran WA6ZAM & Mark Ording K6MHO 2hr 5 min 5 Ts, Alex W6AWB & Andrew (first timers) 2hr 18 min 5 Ts, Matt N6EAJ & Ed KI6JMK 3hr 35 min 5 Ts, James KM6BZB & Becky KM6BXA (first time hunting) 3hr 35 min 4 Ts, , 1 seven person team:, Bruce K6AUW, son Nevin, Tom KJ6VOC, son Daniel KM6BXP, wife Beth, son Aaron, son David 2hr 4 min 5 Ts, , Other team participants finding various numbers of T""„¢s, Hams & friends present during the event:, Gwen W6OKY (first time out) & Ron K6RSH (first time out), Ed WA6YVX & son Jeff KM6BUX, Gary KK6YKC (first time out) & Jack N6FUG (first time out), Darl KK6BKC (first time out), Drew KB9FKD )first time out) & son Daniel, Bud AE6BH (first time out) & son Nevan, Brian WB2JCG, Daniel KJ6IOB, Robert N9SCD, Karen KI6FON, Bryan KI6DUR & wife Nicky, Branden KM6BXN (first time out), Tony WA6ZMZ, Joe KE6PHB, Joe N6SZO, The Ham who was with the kids at the tot-lot who came over and found the practice T, forgot to get his call sign (first timer), Mary Lou, Jim & Kayla., The BBQ started about 3 and everyone seemed to have a good time sitting around and discussing the day""„¢s events while enjoying burgers, hot dogs and cold liquid refreshments. Thanks go out to Tom KJ6VOC, Daniel KM6BXP and Brian WB2JCG who helped us haul all the supplies and equipment back to our vehicles. We hope everyone had a good time! See everyone next year?, Joe N6SZO & Joe KE6PHB, , Results will also be posted on T-Hunt Reflector. Photos to follow..., "
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