STONEBRIDGE Saturday Evening T Hunt 4/2/2016

Posted by   N6SZO


Joe Corones N6SZO

Greg Spaulding W6BAF

Karen Spaulding KI6FON






Time Finished
1 Bill Elkerton W6ZM   Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR 19:08
2 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ 20:08
3 Tom Sneden K6VCR   Tom Sneden K6VCR
4 Tom Franks N2TEN   No Navigator Daniel 22:00

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 0.05 Watts 11 Element Yagi Vertical 140 Degrees
2 0.05 Watts 11 Element Yagi Vertical 110 Degrees


The "STONEBRIDGE HUNT" 4/2/16 was an attempt to lead hunters into the Santee Lakes or Eucalyptus Hills area by using two 11 element beams about miles apart aimed towards El Capitan and Lyon's Peak from the Stonebridge Parkway area. There has not been a hide in that area for some time so we decided to give it a try. When I arrived at the end of Stonebridge Parkway there was Bruce (KG6IYN), a well known "T-Hunter", who makes occasional appearances at T-Hunts along with a couple of other Hams. He immediately claimed "Victory" as he was there before the Hunt started but then realized that someone on the T-Hunt Reflector has made the statement that "Last one in is the Winner" so he wandered off somewhere while we were talking to the other 2 Hams never to be seen again! Greg W6BAF, Greg's wife Karen KI6FON and I formulated our plans for setting up the two T's. It was at this point that I realized that I had left the squawk box and HT that we were going to use for the T's at home. A mad dash home and back about 5:35 and we started to assemble the antennas while coordinating over a secret frequency as Greg was down by the water tank and I was in an easement for the power line access road. Of course some residents came out and were asking questions so I handed them one of our T-Hunt Tri-folds to keep them quiet while I was racing against the clock. They were impressed and left me along so I just had things together by 6 and called Joe KE6PHB at the college to get a signal report. Finally got things coordinated and started the Hunt at 6:10 PM. The winner was to be the first team that showed up at T-1 with a tag from T-2 which was .7 miles away as the crow flies. T-1 was a TH- F6 Kenwood HT with a Pic Con on "Economical low power" of .05 Watts fed into an 11 element yagi pointed towards Lyon's Peak. T-2 was a voice Squawk Box ( .05 Watts) announcing that it was "T-2" also fed into an 11 element yagi pointed towards El Capitan. Summary: Bill W6ZM and his son Brian KI6DUR were the first to arrive at 7:08 and then at 7:15 turned in a tag from T-2 making them the "Winners". Joe KE6PHB & Tony WA6ZMZ arrived at 7:37 and confirmed that T-1 was where we were then set out to find T-2. They returned at 8:05, just under the "Legal Time Limit" and had a tag from T-2 giving them second place. Tom K6VCR was reported seen in the vicinity and had in his possession a tag from T-2 but with just minutes to spare called in and discovered that he was too far away to make it by the "Official Deadline". Meanwhile, back at T-1, Tom KJ6VOC was on his "Maiden Voyage" with his T-Hunt vehicle and equipment. It has taken him several years since he first came out as a "Ride-a-long" to get his vehicle set up the way he wanted to so he could hunt with his 3 sons, Daniel, Aaron & David. However finishing on his first time out was not in the cards and he called to check in a few minutes before 8 to find out where we were going to eat. Better luck next time Tom. We reconvened at Santorini Island Grill on Scripps Poway Parkway for dinner and discussion. Everyone was happy with the food and libations consumed. Tony was especially happy with the lamb chops. Joe N6SZO Greg W6BAF Karen KI6FON
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