The Questionably Qualified Maybe Illegal SDSU Hunt  Saturday Evening T Hunt 3/5/2016

Posted by   N2TEN


Bruce Denny K6AUW

Tom Franks N2TEN






Time Finished
1 Bill Elkerton W6ZM   Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR Bryan's Bride 18:56
2 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ 19:37
3 Joe Corones N6SZO   Greg Spaulding W6BAF
10 Tom Sneden K6VCR   No Navigator

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 1 Watts 4 Element Yagi Horizontal 15 Degrees
2 0.015 Watts Whip Horizontal 0 Degrees
3 0.015 Watts Whip Horizontal 0 Degrees


This hunt was supposed to happen on February 6, but it got postponed. Then it was supposed to happen on February 20, but it got postponed again. Finally, March 5, it actually did happen. Of course there happened to be a basketball game scheduled for that day in the selected vicinity. Though it was not part of the original plan it brought much joy and excitement for the hunters. It also took one of the desired options off the table. An area was selected wherein the hiders and hunters were able to gain access without having to go past any "No Trespassing" signs or any such thing. Nonetheless, certain exuberant hunters still managed to overachieve and find routes that would take them past such signs. One of the hunters most graciously chose to disqualify himself for this oversight. The rules are very important and must be strictly followed. The main T was aimed in hopes of getting a bounce from the north, but it did not seem that anyone was fooled by it. Two Micro-foxes were also hidden so that folks would have something to sniff out. One of these proved to be quite the challenge, placed between the top bar of a chain link fence and the ice-plant which had grown over the top of the fence. Sniffers were pointed right at it, even hands placed right on top of it, yet folks still could not seem to find it. Afterwards the group went to dinner at Venice Pizza and pestered the waitress until she finally relented and divided up the check, swearing to never do such a thing again.
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