Briercrest park Saturday Evening T Hunt 1/16/2016

Posted by   N6SZO


Joe Corones N6SZO

Greg Spaulding W6BAF

Robert Dexter N9SCD

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 1/2 watt Watts 4 Element Yagi Vertical 229 Degrees
2 0.25 Watts Rubber Duck Horizontal 0 Degrees
3 0.25 Watts Rubber Duck Horizontal 0 Degrees
4 0.25 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical 0 Degrees


Brierecret Park in La Mesa was chosen for this hunt because our original spot was under construction and will be used in a "Future Hunt". We wanted to make it a short hunt so we wouldn't have to drive back from Chula Vista! Greg, W6BAF, Robert, N9SCD and I," N6SZO arrived at the park around 4 to survey the site. We decided that 4 T's would be appropriate since we did not think more than 3 teams would be hunting. T-1 was a yagi pointed at Grossmont Center area across Hwy. 125 fed with an HT running .5 watts. T-2 & T-3 were micro-fox's at 25 Mw with rubber ducks and T-4 was a squawk box at 25 Mw. ""The Plan"" was to start the main T and when it finished wait 5 sec then start T-2 and do the same thing with T-3. The voice T was about 23 seconds long and we thought that there would be sufficient space with any overlap to get a ""Quick Bearing"" on any of the other T's! Didn't turn out that way. Guess we had some initial confusion when my HT did not seem to be hearing the main T and I reset it a couple of times so timing ended up being off. We did not have time to correct. Hunt started at 6:04 and at 6:12 Bruce", Tom and Aaron pulled into the parking area where we had parked our vehicles. I had not even started T-4 yet. I had to delay turning on T-4 because as I was walking over to turn it on Tom, K6VCR pulled into the parking lot that I was in so I had to maintain a low profile until he pulled out and went back towards Grossmont Center. T-2 & T-3 were being drowned out by T-4 so Greg and Robert replaced the antennas on those 2 T's so they could be heard better! The park was canvased until both teams found all 4 T's. The big question was who would get their tags in first? After much debate, confusion, uncertainty and discussion Tom, KJ6VOC turned his team's tags in (at 6:42) just before Tom, K6VCR produced his (6:43) making Bruce, Tom F. & Aaron the WINNERS! We adjourned to Mario's Restaurant in La Mesa for dinner and conversation. We will look forward to the WINNERS Hunt on February 6,2016. Joe/N6SZO, Greg/W6BAF, Robert/N9SCD. That being said, Remember that there will be a COUNTY-WIDE T-HUNT on Saturday January 30th, 2016 starting from Montgomery Field, probably starting at 10:00 AM. Specifics to be announced closer to the Hunt date! Joe/N6SZO, Greg/W6BAF
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