The Too Hard Halloween Hunt CountyWide T Hunt 10/31/2015

Posted by   N2TEN


Bruce Denny K6AUW

Tom Franks N2TEN






Time Finished
1 Joe Corones N6SZO   Greg Spaulding W6BAF 14:44
8 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ
9 Mark Ording K6MHO   Trevor Ording Trevor
10 Bill Elkerton W6ZM   Tom Sneden K6VCR

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 1 Watts Quad Vertical 333 Degrees
2 1 Watts Regular Wire Vertical 0 Degrees
3 1 Watts Regular Wire Horizontal 0 Degrees
4 1 Watts Regular Wire Vertical 0 Degrees
5 1 Watts Regular Wire Vertical 0 Degrees


This was intended to be a fairly simple hunt. One of the objectives was to be done early so the hiders could take their kids out trick-or-treating for Halloween. The site chosen was Otay Mountain. It provided a nice line of sight to the starting point. All the transmitters were hidden in that one area rather than being scattered all over the county. Once the hunters got there it would not take too long, or too many miles, to find everything. The only trick employed was to place the main T at the west side of the mountain so as to lure the hunters down to that end where there was no access up the mountain, thus requiring that the hunters retrace their steps to get to the east side of the mountain.Evidently that one trick was one trick too many for most of the hunters. This may have been compounded by the fact that the hunters knew the majority of the transmitters were only putting out one watt of power. Joe Loughlin had very graciously loaned the hiders four of his boxes. Joe knew, and shared with the others, the fact that those particular boxes are low power. Consequently the group was of the opinion that the transmitters could not be all that far away from the start point since they could be heard from the start point. By the time the majority of the group figured out the location of Otay Mountain they deemed it too late in the hunt to be worth backtracking to go east and then up the mountain. Fortunately, one team worked things a bit differently from the rest, and within about twenty minutes of the majority throwing in the towel Joe and Greg were spotted at the top of the mountain. They had already picked up T-4 which was at the bottom of the mountain and were working on T-2 which was at Doghouse Junction. They then proceeded from there to the west side and picked up T-3 and T-1. Three cheers for Joe and Greg. At the very least the next county-wide will not be another Bruce and Tom hunt. Although we are responsible for the next Saturday evening hunt...
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