The Ts Hunt County Wide T Hunt 8/30/2014

Posted by   W6ZM


Tom Sneden K6VCR

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Time Finished

1 Bruce Denny K6AUW Tom Franks N2TEN
2 Joe Corones N6SZO Greg Spaulding W6BAF
3 Robert Dexter N9SCD Tim Everingham N6CUX
4 Mark Ording K6MHO Trevor Ording
5 Mary Lou Foran Dick Foran K6ES
6 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ
7 Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR Bill Elkerton W6ZM Radiator blew

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type





1 30 Watts 11 Element Yagi 45 Degrees  Degrees
2 1 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
3 2 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
4 2 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
5 2 Watts Whip Vertical  Degrees
6 .5 Watts Thin Wire Vertical  Degrees


The hunt started at 10:10 and T1 came on the air on 147.585. The hiders reported hearing it well with bearings averaging about 30 degrees. (Actual bearing was 50) I anticipated this to be an easy find. No trickery involved. First team in was Bruce at 10:55 followed by Joe SZO at 11:10, Robert at 11:52, Mark at 12:15 and then Dick at 1:16. Joe PHB had antenna problems and had to return to his QTH for repairs but rejoined the hunt an hour or so later.I had expected to pack up and leave the T1 area by noon. Silly me...T2, also on 147.585 located on Mt Soledad was to have come on the air at 11:00. It failed to come on and would not respond to remote calls. Bruce AUW was given the location and he graciously agreed to turn it on. Subsequently, each hider was given the Soledad location. On the checkin sheet, the hunters were instructed to tune to 146.565 for the remainder of the hunt. The Soledad location was chosen to allow the hunters to hear the remaining four transmitters. They were warned to listen to them carefully.T3, 4 and 5 all came on the air at 11:30 as programmed. Each of these transmitters were AF6O boxes which have a unique set of tones but each sound exactly alike with the exception of the CW identifier. Here is where the trickery came in.T3 identified as K6VCR T3 on the first minute, K6VCR T4 on the second minute and K6VCR T5 on the third minute.T4 identified as K6VCR TT4 on the first minute, K6VCR TT5 on the second minute and K6VCR TT6 on the third minute.T5 identified as K6VCR TTT5 on the first minute, K6VCR TTT3 on the second minute and K6VCR TTT4 on the third minute.These three transmitters were time synchronized and came on at 11:30:00, 11:30:20, and 11:30:40. I could not hear these transmitters from my location, but when I picked them up at the end of the day, they were functioning as intended without walking on each other.T6 was a squawk box micro about 15 feet up hanging from a tree limb.At 2:57 PM Bruce reported that he and Tom had finished the hunt and were back at the start point. Shortly after that, Joe and Greg were also finished. These are the only two teams that found all six transmitters. Robert and Tim along with Mark and Trevor found four of the six transmitters. Dick and Marylou started late (1:00) from their home and found four transmitters.Joe and Tony were plagued by reflections and found no transmitters. Bill and Bryan had to quit early due to overheating problems with their hunt vehicle.Thanks for coming out, I hope you all enjoyed the T's (no pun intended) hunt!-Tom, K6VCR
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