Double Trouble CountyWide T Hunt 3/29/2014

Posted by   N9SCD


Robert Dexter N9SCD

Tim Everingham N6CUX






Time Finished
1 Joe Corones N6SZO   Greg Spaulding W6BAF 01:49
2 Tom Sneden K6VCR   Bruce Kripton KG6IYN 02:11
3 Bryan Kukuk KG6SMT   Bill Elkerton W6ZM 03:25
4 Joe Loughlin KE6PHB   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ 03:55
5 Mark Ording K6MHO   Trevor Ording Trevor 04:26
6 Dick Foran WB6ZAM   No Navigator 04:28

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 5W Watts Omni Vertical 0 Degrees
2 5W Watts 4 Element Yagi Vertical 165 Degrees
3 0.05 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical 0 Degrees
4 0.05 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical 0 Degrees
5 0.05 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical 0 Degrees


The plan was to have a site with a few transmitters at Lake Miramar and another at either Pala or Valley View casinos way up north. The casinos always have several places to eat. Tim raised the issue that since the casinos are on Indian land, they may not be as open to our activities as a typical shopping mall. We needed to ask for permission. I contacted Pala, Rincon, and Valley View. Got a live person at Pala. Had to leave a message at the others. I arranged to meet with the manager of Guest Safety/Security at Pala as I performed a test. Valley View responded to my message and also gave permission. Unfortunately, testing at both sites was unsuccessful. At the last minute, we decided on something in San Marcos. Restaurant Row has a substantial selection for the after hunt gathering. Tim was familiar with Double Peak and knew there should be no problem reaching the start. It turned out that the signal from Double Peak was stronger than that from Miramar. Both were only 5W. Most teams headed up north first. That blew my plan for where to eat. The transmitter at Miramar malfunctioned. It was still transmitting but no modulation. I thought the hunt would end early in the afternoon. We ended up at about 5:00 and headed to "On The Border". So much for plans.
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