Lake Murray Church Parking Lot Saturday Evening T Hunt 6/18/2011

Posted by   N6SZO


Transmitter Data


Hunt was originally to take place on Mt. Helix, but due to an unfortunate event (Wedding) lasting until 5:30 we decided to use Plan B"" and go to the Lake Murray area off Pennsylvania Ave. in a Church paring lot. The hunt started at 6:03 with 4 teams at Grossmont. At 6:21 Bryan (KI6DUR) peeks over the wall from the upper level of the chruch so we know they will be in the lower parking lot soon. About a minute later Bruce (KF6AUW) yells over the same wall so we know they are in the area. By this time Bill (W6ZM), Brian (KI6DUR) and Sue pull into the parking lot and start to look for the 2 yagis that are in plane sight attached to a fence. About 30 seconds later Bruce (KF6AUW) and Nathan? pull up beside Bill and locate the two visible yagis. At 6:27 Cliff (N5BXE) & Tony (WA6ZMZ) are seen on the second story of the church so we know they are in the area. One minute later Tom (K6VCR) and Joe (KE6PHB) pull into the parking lot and locate the two yagis.
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