Case de Oro Transmitter Hunt by Sweetwater Lake Saturday Evening T Hunt 4/2/2011

Posted by   KE6PHB


Joe Loughlin KE6PHB

Tom Sneden K6VCR






Time Finished
1 Bruce Denny K6AUW   Jerry Petrizze W6VLF Devon 18:36
2 Mike Rienzo KI6ACI   Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ 18:50
3 Joe Corones N6SZO   Greg Spaulding W6BAF 18:52

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 30 Watts 11 Element Yagi Horizontal 30 Degrees


The hide location was selected in the Casa De Oro area (refer to map link in the transmitter information section of this report) specifically to provide a good propagation path to Crest and minimize the direct path to the college parking lot. The plan was to direct enough RF power at Crest to get a usable reflection that would lure the hunters to the eastern part the county and challenge them to navigate from the east to the transmitter site through the Jamacha valley corridor. Based on signal reports prior to the beginning of the hunt, the 30 watt box / 12 element beam combo was not capable of providing usable signal over that bounce path. Last minute tweaking of the beam heading produced a similar bounce off of El Cap peak, which did the trick and the hunt commenced at 6:02 pm with three hunt teams in attendance. Tom and I moved our vehicle to an observation position about a quarter mile from the transmitter to minimize any visual clues to the hunters. Bruce, Jerry, and son were the first to find the transmitter site (6:36 pm) and were invited to join us at our observation location for the remainder of the hunt. The remaining two teams arrived almost simultaneously at the transmitter site (ACI and SZO, 6:50 and 6:52 pm respectively) and were joined by the hiders and the first team. The hunt teams assisted in the breakdown of the transmitter and shared some initial experiences during the hunt. Comments from the hunt teams indicate that we were successful in initially luring two of the teams into a easterly route before realizing the presence of the bounce. All the hunters retired to Pedro's Cantina Mexican Restaurant for dinner and share hunt experiences. Tom and I appreciate the hunt enthusiasm and assistance in transmitter tear-down. Joe KE6PHB
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