Scrippes Ranch Hidden Trail Saturday Evening T Hunt 1/4/2014

Posted by   KE6PHB


Joe Loughlin KE6PHB

Tony Boegeman WA6ZMZ






Time Finished
1 Bryan Elkerton KI6DUR   Bill Elkerton W6ZM 19:17
2 Marty Herlihy K6KTP   Jerry Petrizze W6VLF 19:25
3 Mark Ording K6MHO   Trevor Ording Trevor 19:28
4 Tom Sneden K6VCR   D0TI Sandback D0TI 19:44
5 Mary Lou Foran Mary Lou   Dick Foran WB6ZAM 00:00
6 Cliff Steagall N5BXE   No Navigator 00:00
7 Joe Corones N6SZO   No Navigator 00:00
9 Bruce Denny K6AUW   No Navigator 00:00

Transmitter Data


Transmitter Power

Antenna Type



1 10 Watts 4 Element Yagi Horizontal 310 Degrees
2 0.05 Watts Rubber Duck Vertical 0 Degrees


This hunt had a very respectable eight hunter teams starting at the college at 6:00pm. They were instructed that two transmitters were on the air but scoring would be a little different for this hunt. The first team to arrive at the main transmitter would be the winner. However finding the micro (T2) hidden in a nearby park would entitle any team to reduce their hunt time to T1 by 15 minutes. Although there was a paper punch provided at T2 to provide physical proof of a hunter finding the transmitter it appears that most hunts opted to avoid paperwork. As it turned out it appears that all teams found T2 early in the hunt while the main transmitter location was much more challenging to discover. Several teams reported that this area of Scripps Ranch was unfamiliar and found themselves wandering around many curvy roads and cul-de-sacs most of the evening. Tony and I found a obscure trail nestled among the eucalyptus grove on a ridge overlooking Jerabek Park. The 4 element yagi was aimed into this small valley with 10 watts to hopefully saturate that area with signal. We attempted to suppress 3rd harmonics with a cavity filter to make the transmitter a bit more covert. No teams found the easy access (see photo) to the transmitter location (100 ft from Ave Magnifica) via an obscure easement next to a residence driveway. We called a close to the hunt at 8:00pm and announced all teams were invited to have dinner at Pazzo Pizza. The pizzas served were very good with fairly quick service. Most of the comments about the hunt that we received from the teams at the dinner were positive and it appeared that most hunters enjoyed a challenging hunt. Congratulations to Bill and Bryan and look forward to visiting Chula Vista on their next hunt.
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