foxPast Transmitter Hunts by Date

Ricochet Valley Saturday Evening T Hunt2018-01-06
To Easy for Bill...Saturday Evening T Hunt2017-12-02
Desert WavesDemonstration Day2017-11-18
Not in Chula VistaSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-11-04
JOTA Jamboree On The Air 2017Demonstration Day2017-10-21
Chula Vista Bay Park ReflectionsSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-10-21
Lakeside Ham Fest 2017Convention T Hunt2017-10-07
Ham Fest HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-10-07
2-Mobile "T's"CountyWide T Hunt2017-09-30
Terra Nova First early start at 4:30 p.m.Saturday Evening T Hunt2017-09-16
Deception by cell towerSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-09-02
Last minute scrambleSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-08-05
Mini-me in the ParkCountyWide T Hunt2017-07-29
Moving TargetSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-07-15
Easy hill huntSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-07-01
Capture The FlagSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-06-17
Secret Canyon HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-06-03
Lindo LakeOn Foot T Hunt2017-05-06
April 15 T(ax) HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-04-15
Lakeside RoundupSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-02-04
First hunt of new yearSaturday Evening T Hunt2017-01-07
Kennedy Park El CajonSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-12-17
Trolley Barn ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-11-19
Ball Park HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-11-05
Poway AdventureCountyWide T Hunt2016-10-29
Follow the bouncing signalSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-10-15
Y.M.C.A. Rancho San DiegoSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-10-01
River WalkSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-09-17
Back to SchoolSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-09-03
CrestSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-08-20
A Simple HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-08-06
Poway HuntCountyWide T Hunt2016-07-30
Not So EZ Saturday Night HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-07-16
Hidden TwistSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-07-02
3017 Millar Ranch Rd. IncidentFree for All T Hunt2016-06-11
Are You the T? Hunt (mobile)Saturday Evening T Hunt2016-06-04
2016 Lake Murray On-Foot HuntOn Foot T Hunt2016-05-21
HAMILTON RIDGESaturday Evening T Hunt2016-05-07
Prius FriendlyCountyWide T Hunt2016-04-30
F22A creates Chicanery in small valleySaturday Evening T Hunt2016-04-16
STONEBRIDGESaturday Evening T Hunt2016-04-02
Easy South Park un-hidden TransmitterSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-03-19
Pine Valley Broken CircleCountyWide T Hunt2016-01-30
Briercrest parkSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-01-16
Easy Pezy HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2016-01-02
Easy Mission Valley Skunk on Second XmtrSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-12-19
A Walk in the ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-12-05
Easy Mount Helix HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-11-21
Under WaterSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-11-07
The Too Hard Halloween HuntCountyWide T Hunt2015-10-31
A Learning ExperienceSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-10-17
Crest-Blossom Valley HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-10-03
Lakeside Rodeo Ham FestDemonstration Day2015-10-03
Morena Bay HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-09-19
Plan BSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-09-05
Hot DayCountyWide T Hunt2015-08-29
Summer Heat in SanteeSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-08-15
You can't get there from hereSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-08-01
Not in Chula Vista HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-06-20
Damon Lane Park HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-06-06
Mt. Laguna/Mary's Cabin On-Foot HuntOn Foot T Hunt2015-05-23
Mt. Helix Circular Sign HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-05-02
Crest Water TankSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-04-18
The Easter Egg HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-04-04
Lakeside water towerSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-03-21
Parking Garage HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-03-07
Cancelled due to Yuma Ham ConventionSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-02-21
Pandora Box deja vuSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-02-07
San Diego County Hunt via San ClementeCountyWide T Hunt2015-01-31
Driving Range Hunt not in JamulSaturday Evening T Hunt2015-01-03
Christmas HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-12-20
Roadrunner ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-12-06
Agua CalienteCountyWide T Hunt2014-11-29
Clothes Line HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-11-15
Peutz Valley HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-11-01
Grantville TrolleySaturday Evening T Hunt2014-10-18
Seda RoadSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-10-04
Sequan Truck TrailSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-09-20
Bonita Valley drive by huntSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-09-06
The Ts huntCountyWide T Hunt2014-08-30
Villa Montserate park, TierrasantaSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-08-16
Cottonwood County ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-08-02
Cabrillo Heights ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-07-19
xxxxxxSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-07-16
CrestSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-07-05
Alpine *SKUNK HIDE*Saturday Evening T Hunt2014-06-21
Saturday nightSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-06-18
Pacific Crest TrailCountyWide T Hunt2014-05-31
Penasquitos Creek ParkOn Foot T Hunt2014-05-17
Frys' Operations DayDemonstration Day2014-04-26
Eucalyptus ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-04-19
20 Minute HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-04-05
Double TroubleCountyWide T Hunt2014-03-29
SkylineSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-03-15
Down Pour at Morley FieldSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-03-01
First hunt for the year of the horseSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-02-01
Terra Nova Park Spooky HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-01-18
Scrippes Ranch Hidden TrailSaturday Evening T Hunt2014-01-04
Winter solstice 2013Saturday Evening T Hunt2013-12-21
Game Stop Rain Saturday Evening T Hunt2013-12-07
Indian ReservationCountyWide T Hunt2013-11-30
Dead End Street in Chula VistaSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-11-16
Millar Ranch Road in the darkSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-11-02
Santee Community ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-10-19
Sun Valley Golf Course Repeater HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-10-05
West Hills ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-09-21
Inaja Memorial Park HuntCountyWide T Hunt2013-08-31
BBQ in the park 4 Transmitter HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-08-17
Above Murphy Canyon through the unlocked gateSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-08-03
Alpine HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-07-20
Camp Mataguay Boy Scout JamboreeOn Foot T Hunt2013-07-10
Mission Valley Doppler Friendly Reflection HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-07-06
San Diego Country EstatesCountyWide T Hunt2013-03-30
Cuyamaca College huntSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-03-16
Convoy HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2013-01-19
Cypress Canyon ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2012-12-15
Foot Bridge at Town Center ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2012-11-17
TESTING T-Hunt MailCountyWide T Hunt2012-11-14
Rohr Park in Bonita Driving and Walking HuntSaturday Evening T Hunt2012-08-18
Spring Valley School YardSaturday Evening T Hunt2012-08-04
Sorrento Valley MassacreCountyWide T Hunt2012-06-30
Camouflage Antenna in the industrial CenterSaturday Evening T Hunt2012-06-16
Hunt in the Dog ParkSaturday Evening T Hunt2012-05-05
Mission Bay Circle HuntCountyWide T Hunt2012-03-31
Lake Murray Church Parking LotSaturday Evening T Hunt2011-06-18
Down the street by Bruces houseSaturday Evening T Hunt2011-04-16
Case de Oro Transmitter Hunt by Sweetwater LakeSaturday Evening T Hunt2011-04-02
Under the Power lines at Rolling HillsSaturday Evening T Hunt2010-12-18
2006 Convention Transmitter HuntConvention T Hunt2006-09-09
Buried Transmitters in dirt lotSaturday Evening T Hunt2006-08-19
Dead End above Murphy Canyon Oil TanksSaturday Evening T Hunt2006-05-06
Is there something up Joe's Sleeve?Saturday Evening T Hunt2006-04-01